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What are thedifferences                        


1) Facility.  We use the most advanced facilities in this industry, so we can produce our product in higher stability.

2) Completeproduction chain. We make the PVC sheet, pressing, uv-coating, annealing, punchand profiling by ourselves. So we can provide our customer quality productswith competitive prices.


Our productionteam has been in PVC industry for many years, with very rich experiences inR&D also.


1) Environmentally friendly. We use one of the bestplasticizer DOTP.

2) Locking system. With 9 years of experiences inprofiling, we have the easiest locking system while ensuring strongest pullingstrength.

3) Glass-fiber. We use the best long length glass-fiberin vinyl industry. Swelling and shrinking rate of click LVT could be controlled within 0.10%. What does this feature brings value to customers? Less troublesafter installation and could be widely used in different areas.

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